Straight from School


Straight from School


What is ‘Straight From School’?

It is a series of creative media internship programs, designed to be a fun learning experience primarily for high school graduates.

But, anyone can apply.

Types of Internship:

  1. Content Writing (June – July 2018)
    Registrations Opening Soon
  2. Photography (June – July 2018)
    Registrations Opening Soon
  3. Videography (June – July 2018)
    Registrations Opening Soon
  4. Video Editing (June – July 2018)
    Registrations Opening Soon

                   and others…



(Check your email for a password provided by us. Use it to access the programme content given below)

What is ‘Straight From School | Content Writing’?

It is a part of the same internship programs, but designed for content writing.

How long is it?

The program will be covered through two months in six easy assignments. The assignments will take you step by step through researching, sorting, understanding relevance, writing and finally – presenting the content.

What will I learn?

You will learn to understand the fundamental difference between a technical and a creative article, their respective styles and how to write each type on your own.

But I don’t know much about cameras, or lights, or designs!

Which is why we will be there to guide you. Any information you require that will help you write or understand, we will help you out. This is an internship, not an exam.

But isn’t it hot outside? Plus I have other things to take care of!

We understand that it’s hard to go out in this summer heat, so, this program is designed to be completely online and with flexible working hours.

How will I get the information?

The necessary information will be mailed to you through videos and information booklets. If you have any queries, you can personally contact the coordinator for a prompt response.

What’s in it for me?

The program has been designed to be a hands-on working and learning experience.  Apart from the time management and analytical skills you can take away from this internship, there is also the opportunity to nurture your creative juices.

At the completion of this internship, you will receive a certificate and  a personal recommendation from the program director.

Okay, I’m in.

Great! Register to the program in the link given below. Read through the terms and conditions before submitting your forms, it may seem a little scary, but our HR team recommended that we keep it professional.

Important Dates:

  1. Registration starts: 21st April, 2017
  2. Registration closes: 30th April, 2017
  3. Orientation/Programme starts (online): 1st May,2017
  4. Program ends: 30th June,2017
  5. Certificate distribution gathering (office): 2nd July,2017

Do read through the terms and conditions given in the  form (link below).It may seem scary, but our HR department recommended that we keep it professional.


(Check your email for a password. Use it to access the programme content given below)



Production Coordinator
(+91) 83358 48410

Jane doe

Programme Coordinator
(+91) 7980076065

The Anon. Productions has temporarily suspended all operations in Kolkata. This unavailability is for an indefinite period of time.

We hope to return soon.

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