big-quote-marks-opening Can rules or tutors educate
The semigod whom we await?
He must be musical, tremulous,
Alive to gentle influence
Of landscape and of sky,
And tender to the spirit-touch.


We’re bombarded with customs since before taking birth. We are born into traditions – born, but also riddled with them. What could seem like a garland in the temple could very well be the noose that would keep you from sticking out your bowed-down head. The diyas surrounding our homes have often seemed like the line we’re required to stay within. They mark our very own new-age Lakshman Rekha.

Yes, we are born into traditions. But they have not birthed us. Your traditions, much like your race, career and sexuality, do not define you, but amplify who you are. Adolescents and adults-to-be – those unfortunate souls stuck in the limbo of metamorphosis, have now realized this. They do not shy away from making their own warm, comfortable moulds, for their own traditions, but never abandoning the customs of old. A concoction, a sherbet: equal parts tradition with equal parts modernity, sprinkled with a hint of motley.


1   dsc_0023

All the way from Uganda, she sits quietly in the classroom, trying to decode the old Hindi tunes of Geetmala reverberating across the walls. Often pegged as an introvert, the warm Evelyn’s shining smile brightens up anyone she meets, as do her striking outfits to college.


2   dsc_0820

Meep or Aarushi as she’s known (by barely anyone?) is the most vivacious person you could possibly meet – equal parts style maverick and editing genius, she could possibly convince someone with vertigo to try bungee jumping. As this is being written, she sits in the mess, Googling the calorie count of a roti. She wants to run a fitness community and make it huge alongside setting up her empire (yes, empire) on YouTube. Arushi is a former video coordinator at POPxo, and is always dressed up and ready whenever you see her. Because she believes the most amazing opportunities strike you when you least expect it!


dsc_0286   3

Much like the iconic Afghan Girl, she feels mentioning her name isn’t important in the grand scheme of things. You can see her at the crack of dawn with a book in hand, face pensive over an intriguing line. The world whizzes by, while she is entranced within some two hundred yellowing pages.


4   dsc_0755

As filmy and dramatic as her name, Simran is a coffee-loving old camera touting rowdy poetry spouting crazy dance-off machine of a girl, nearly always found painting an assorted body part midnight blue. She loves what she does. She loves her work, being a blogger a social media influencer and manager. This is what she always wanted to do. Despite the barriers in her life which she firmly believes will fade away, Simran holds a 2nd Dan black belt in karate, and is a world championship gold medalist in the sport. At this young age, she was also a karate instructor back home in Mumbai.


5a   5b

We hadn’t heard of Danish procedural crime shows before we met her, and well, we’re sucked in deep now. So very in love with fashion, tennis, and Bharatnatyam, Aishwarya deeply misses the desert sunsets of the UAE, and is probably downloading filter coffee recipes instead of heading for bed. Having lived in numerous cities all throughout the childhood (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Abu Dhabi), she developed the inclination to a broader adaptability in all aspects be it with the people, thoughts or the place. Realizing that a dynamic life is always better than a static life, she would try to work out on quite a far fetched plan – Interning in a new country every semester!


img_5623   6

Missimi could probably become the ambassador for Snapchat, with her sassy one liners and instant reports on developments in class. If you thought people from the north-east were calm and composed the very first time you met them, then boy, do we have news for you – her one hair flick might just make you question your entire existence. Trusting her creative instincts Missimi chalked out an interesting career in Film Direction for herself. For now she thinks of herself to be too inexperienced and naive to impact the society in any way. But Missimi would love to give back to the society once she establish herself in the media industry. She wants to channelize her efforts towards film making-cause.

You might be wondering, as to why such a post, all of a sudden? Truth is, it’s based on what lot of us are facing right now – out from the comfort of school, thrust into a daunting and potentially embarrassing environment, with foreign tongues wagging at you – you think you’d trip, but far from it. It is the commonalities between us that’s holding us together, with culture and tradition taking a backseat, as they should, the arms of the collective adolescent consciousness lifting us as if they were Atlas’ very own. As we step forward out into the day, shrugging off the dust and memory that still soars above our heads, the weight of culture is slowly but surely easing off of our shoulders, no longer the glaring sunlight forcing us to cover our eyes. And the air, it smells like teen spirit.

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Arushi Malaker (@iesmeep)
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Simran Kulkarni (@simran.kulkarni)
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Missimi Rabha (@_missimirabha_)


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