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2016 may have been really bad for many but entering the new year we should carry what is good from the previous year which should surely include these funny TVCs made by some of these Indian brands.

10. KIT KAT Celebrates #MyBreak


Bringing its old positioning ‘Take a Break’ back, the ad film showcases how an announcer at the airport uses her KitKat break, singing a rap on the mic to bring on board a passenger who had failed to heed the final call for boarding.
Through it, the brand reiterates its viewers to pursue what they love, during the little free time they get amidst their busy schedule, for as they say

Har Break Hai Ek Mauka Kuch Alag Kar Dikhaane Ka
(every break gives you an opportunity to do something different)

9. Dettol Sheron ke Panje – #MaaMaane Dettol Ka Dhula

Dettol reinvented its strategy of encouraging healthy hand washing habits through its campaign of #MaaMaaneDettolKaDhula. It opens with the kids encouraging their family members, then their friends in school and other people elsewhere, to clean their hands before eating, using various Dettol products. The background jingle ‘Sheron ke panje‘ adds to the charm of the TVC, hence making it more entertaining without being too preachy.


8. Netflix India Diwali TVC

In its most recent TVC, Netflix has showcased a parody of a typical advertisement, the like of which has been running on Indian televisions for years whenever the Diwali is around. Along with Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap, this spoofy TVC takes a dig at clichéd Diwali ads, replete with the same formula — sentimental families, perky children, ‘diyas’ and sweets, and the unravelling of gifts with a tongue-in-cheek voice-over,
Towards the end, when the family nestles together for a selfie, the slow motion stops, and Kashyap, finally turning to the camera, asks viewers why are they still watching the ad. It ends with the message:

Ads may never change but your entertainment certainly can” through Netflix’s ad-free content.

7. OLX Mundi Dance

What starts as a hilarious rap face-off between a father and a son over the purchase of a sports bike, the ad manages to show a way to efficiently manage cash shortage. The main highlight is of course the signature head (mundi) bob of the characters along with the quirky jingle in the background.


6. Sulekha – No to Juggad

This musical laugh riot struck a chord with the masses through its message of fixing the popular make-shift (jugaad) culture of India. The punch comes when it gives a glimpse of all these ‘jugaads’ gone wrong and backfiring, while craftily urging users to seek professional help from the services advertised in Sulekha.com for a sustainable fixture to their everyday issues.


5. Britannia Good Day – Smile More For a Good Day

Aligned to the brand’s philosophy “It’s a smile that makes a Good day”, the campaign captures the everyday smiles that helps cut across barriers, brings people closer and spreads happiness. The narrative clearly exemplifies this message through a simple story of a girl-next-door going about her daily life with a smile for everyone spreading joy to all and when she needs it, a little girl helps her find her lost smile.


4. “Mom Be A Girl Again” – Amazon Advertisement

Amazon has successfully crawled inside the minds of their audiences with the help of campaigns which grasp on to the emotions of their viewers resulting in a sensation on social media. Their latest campaign, #MomBeAGirlAgain beautifully captures the sentiment of a mother’s sacrifice and encourages the viewers to help their mothers relive their forgotten childhood hobbies and dreams.


3. Ariel – #Sharetheload

This award winning, thought-provoking ad shows a working woman managing the household chores after returning from work. The father upon seeing his daughter multi-tasking, writes an apology for his failure to challenge patriarchal attitudes to housework. The commercial ends with his own personal action in sharing the laundry load with his wife.
With its unusual angle and contemporary look, set in a modern, urban Indian household, this TVC has won hearts world wide through its message of challenging traditional roles and promoting gender equality even in household chores.


2. Dove – Let’s break the rules of beauty

In its newest campaign, Dove tackles the narrow and restrictive beauty standards imposed on Indian women. It aims to inspire India to embrace its diversity in beauty, widening the existing beauty ideals and to celebrate its “Real Women”.
To promote this concept, Dove created a video collaborating with the documentary maker, Pan Nalin. It featured women from different regions of the country and all walks of life- homemakers, students, professionals; mothers, daughters or grandmothers all coming together to showcase that #RealBeauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and complexions.


1. Rizwan by Paperboat

Paper Boat’s most popular ad film “Rizwan” is in line with the brand’s earlier ads that reflect upon and refresh childhood memories. The film combines animation to narrate the story of an old man Rizwan who is blind and is shown to be reminiscing about his childhood while at the garden with his pet dog. He shares how certain smells and tastes have the quality to transport one back in time, recollecting memories of his mother and the stories she used to tell him as a child.
The 3.30 minute ad is a celebration of that timeless, fragrant journey called ‘innocence,’ a recurring attribute that Paper Boat has always lived by in its promotional campaigns.


Special Mention: DoubleMint Ad

The brand which endorses freshness and long lasting connections launched their flagship product in India with this quintessential romantic joyride of a simple boy and a girl-next-door who meet through a chance encounter. The TVC revolves around the many facets of their connections, over their “firsts” – first eye contact, first movie date, first dance – and their journey of letting go off hesitations and bonding over the “moments of freshness” spent together.

The ad which aims to #StartSomethingFresh’ is the love story of a young couple, who shed their inhibitions to bond over moments of freshness enabled by Doublemint. Complementing the video is singer Gaurav Dagaonkar’s contemporary rendition of the delightful number “Ek Ajnabee Hasina Se”, originally sung by legendary singer Kishore Kumar.

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