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Priyanka Chandak

Patient and hardworking bunch of folks. Had a good time working with them!

Maitreyee Chakraborti

In conclusion, it can be rightly said that working with Anon Productions was a wonderful experience, as they present the perfect blend of professionalism, dedication and helpfulness before you, ensuring smooth completion and satisfactory results.

Advika Jalan

Excellent work. The Anon. Productions doesn’t just create videos as you envision them- it takes the videos to a whole new level, and surpasses your imagination. Kudos!

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Gyproc Saint Gobain India

Articles from our writers

10 TVCs from 2016 which will put an instant smile on your face

Written by Rashmi Kundu | The Anon. Productions 2016 may have been really bad for many but entering the new year we should carry what is good from the previous year which should surely include these funny TVCs made by some of these Indian brands. 10. KIT KAT...
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A Walk To Remember

A new year has begun, and with it, the memories of the old will begin to fade. 2016 was a tragic year for the entertainment industry, owing to the deaths of eminent and beloved actors and singers. And unfortunately, the tragic trend is set to continue as the TV’s golden generation gets older.

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Following our inner moonlight

We’re bombarded with customs since before taking birth. We are born into traditions – born, but also riddled with them. What could seem like a garland in the temple could very well be the noose that would keep you from sticking out your bowed-down head.

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An Ode To Lost Love

The idea that one of my idols, the one whom I considered a surreal existence was as human as you or me, falling and failing in love, was what got me thinking deeply about it.

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5 films that bring out the complexities of human nature

Raw, powerful, and uninhibited, these 5 films show us ourselves and the subtle intricacies of human nature in trying situations.

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